The Bloomington Islamic School is a subsidiary of the Islamic Center of Bloomington. Bloomington Islamic School is located in the city of Bloomington, Indiana. The school was opened to meet the growing need of the many Muslim families that go to school, work and live in the Bloomington community for an Islamic alternative to the Bloomington public school system.


As the only Islamic school in the Bloomington area, our hope is to one day operate a full-time Islamic school that serves pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. 


Bloomington Islamic School operates with the following core values:


We value...

  1. Providing a caring and safe learning environment.

  2. Making collaborative decisions about instructions and assessments.

  3. Meeting the needs of ALL students through data analysis and flexible grouping.

  4. Engaging students in rigorous and high level learning activities.

  5. Empowering students to take ownership of their learning.

  6. Nurturing creativity and critical thinking.